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The field of architecture is changing rapidly, new challenges made way to the development of new tools. These tools have recently enabled us to do more with less. Less? You ask. Does that mean that technology is automating our jobs as architects and engineers? The short answer is No.

First of all, Building Information Modeling (BIM) and REVIT® are not synonyms and should not be used interchangeably. Simply, BIM is the process and REVIT® is the technology. BIM is what enables us to do more and REVIT is the technology that helps us as architects and engineers build with confidence and efficiency. This confidence comes from visualizing what we design in 3D and detecting clashes before we get to the building site and the efficiency of quickly making changes without added work redundancies thus saving time and energy.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is becoming all the more critical for successful project delivery. From increased design efficiencies, streamlined workflows, improved collaboration and project management and reduced project costs, the benefits of BIM are clear. Yet, implementing and truly maximizing benefits of this technology can be a daunting task for any organization which is where our BIM Services aim to assist your project goals.

Content Creation

Create, extract, standardize & manage BIM content. Best practices, level of detail and industry standards are aways followed. Singularity specializes in creating smart content & templates for different types of project deliverables.


Our template creation service is the starting point for every new project. We work with you to create your very own customized template. Templates can have preloaded families, views, schedules, settings, sheets, and geometry, all that is required for a new project so that you are not starting from scratch for every single project.


Following international industry standards, Singularity develops project standards including naming, classification, etc. based on the project needs.

Model Maintenance

Weekly maintenance checks to check on model health and perform preventative measures to ensure no slow downs and that warnings are addressed as they emerge


We build models that enable rapid design iteration and automatically generate solutions and documentation, freeing our designers up for more valuable tasks. Our teams are experienced in generating complete schematic design, design development and construction drawings stage documentation

Cloud Collaboration

Connectivity, BIM (Building Information Modeling) techniques, and Cloud BIM Design Collaboration are making a great impact on the design professionals. Design professionals are no longer tied to a desk, studio, or a workspace.

Coordination & Clash Detection

This is one of most widely used features of BIM. Our customized clash reporting formats and clash tracking systems aid in accurate detection of clashes.

We provide BIM process automation services for development of software tools and solutions which benefit architectural, structural and MEPF consultants. We work closely with our clients to implement automation and scripting tools that enhance project output while reducing cost & time, ease in cross discipline coordination, eliminate repetition modeling & drafting tasks and link up data with BIM software.

& Custom Tools

BIM is centered around product information and many deliverables are produced from model information such as: Construction drawings containing sections and schedules, Model based renderings, Energy analysis, Clash detection report and life cycle management data, etc. We offer full Data Management services.

Data Management

Adaptive Design

BIM based parametric adaptive design that enable us to design dynamic adaptive components that have infinite forms of a family instead of infinite kinds of a family with changeable parameter values.


Singularity can offer an extensive range of 3D modelling and visualization services. Our 3D modelling and visualization services include 3D Animations, 3D Fly-throughs and Walk-throughs, Architectural Renders, 3D Simulation and 3D Product Modelling.

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