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About Us

Started out as a husband and wife team, Singularity set out offering digital services in 2018. We saw a need in the AEC industry for drastic modernization and the use of automation in everyday workflows.
We want to transform the world of design and construction into a digital platform enabling efficient design, prefabrication, and a digital real estate service model. We are modernizing the built world one building at a time and capitalizing on data for designing, building, and maintaining the buildings of the future.

What we do:

Digital Transformation
Strategy and Implementation
Setting workflows and standards
BIM training and best practices
Set-up of templates and content libraries
Collaboration platforms set-up
Custom tool development

Integrated Teams

Integrated teams approach
Modeling and Rendering services
Model maintenance
Libraries and catalogues maintenance
Latest and greatest updates


Strategic co-locations in tune with fastest technology standards and the fastest growing construction regions

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